Module 3; Minor Blog – Life in the Information Age

A common question being asked this week is, ‘What do we mean when we say that we are living in the information age?’ This term is used quite often, and is sometimes replaced with digital, or technological, but all of them, to me, mean the same thing. Information is readily accessible and consumable. Information that was once consumed by an individual can now be shared with the world and consumed by an entire population in the blink of an eye. This is the information age. A time where everything, and seemingly everyone, is available to you. 

As Manuel Castells points out, “We know that technology does not determine society, it is society.” (p.3). Technology, thus, is a driving force in how society is shaped. Looking back at previous discussion, technology shapes our own identities meaning that in a sense, we rely on information to promote ourselves as members of this society.  

Education is also becoming a part of the information age. This is an institution where information comes from, yet is is easy to see that patterns of digital learning methods are becoming commonplace. (Robins & Webster) These contemporary developments all lead us into the present information age. 


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