4P18: The future of Environmental Communication

What is the future of environmental communication? This question is extremely daunting to me. I don’t know the answer to it! In fact I don’t know the answers to many questions about the environment. But what I can say, is that it needs to be a topic that people are informed about. Whether we are looking at it from the perspective of a consumer or an activist, the point is to have knowledge! It truly is power!

In class we discussed ways that technology can serve as a platform for creating more environmental awareness. To be honest I think it is a long shot. I say this not to be pessimistic but in truth I feel like the trend for technology at the moment is used for purposeless, and trivial means. As Jenn would say, we always have a screen in our face, but what are we actually doing with them? Creeping people on facebook, watching funny Youtube videos? I wonder when and if this trend will pass. To me, this is the change that must occur. We have to redirect our efforts into using technology, but I just have doubts that an Iphone app measuring your amount of water usage for the day would really make a difference in attitude. I think it has to come more from the generations to follow. I found this animated clip that goes along with our task of creating a kids television program (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa58h4IJ6Hk&feature=related). It is extremely simple, no plot, no characters. Its just a visual indicator of what it means to be environmentally aware and to have ecological concern. I think if media like this was shown to children there would be more of a widespread understanding of the environment. Reduce the video games featuring guns and killing, and replace it with an initiative  Easier said than done I’m sure.

Overall, I want to be optimistic and say that if perceptions can be formed and shaped then they can be changed. Kurt Vonnegut once said, “how embarrassing to be human”. I really agree with this sometimes. My greatest hope is that we can see how we fit into the world rather than trying to manage it so much. So many things deter us from wanting to be informed, we don’t realize how simple it really is.


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