Module 8: Transforming the Blog – Osheaga 2013

If there’s one thing I love about the summer; one thing I love more than mosquito bites and farmer’s tans, its summer music festivals. One of the most highly anticipated of the season is most definitely Osheaga. Held annually in Montreal, Quebec, Osheaga celebrates the musically and artistically inclined from both mainstream and independent environments. It is a chance for big names and local artists to perform throughout the span of three jam-packed days. Osheaga offers what many attendees call a ‘European’ feel because of its relatively quaint venue and its high energy atmosphere. What will really entice an avid summer music festival goer such as myself is the rock stars on the stage.

This year the front runners include English folk boy band Mumford and Sons as well as cult favourite The Cure.

The Osheaga line up this year is so good omg

Who likes Mumford & Sons, Two Door Cinema Club, Jimmy Eat World, The Lumineers, Imagine Dragons & wants to go to Osheaga with me? #Please 😦

Wishhhhhhh it was August right now… Summer, pals, and Mumford & Sons #Osheaga

However, others direct their interest to different aspects of the event.

There are so many good indy bands playing Osheaga it makes me want to go. But as far as headliners….

Who wants to come to osheaga with me to see macklemore please someone

The best part about an outdoor music festival such as this is that there is truly something for everyone. I guess that’s the kind of experience you get for an almost $400 price tag.  A few blogs mention some other well known music festivals that are similar to Osheaga.

Pitchfork music festival

While some may not be impressed with what Osheaga has to offer,

If you have a ‘how-to’ do it up right guide,

you may find yourself in the front row of the crowd fist pumping to Jimmy Eat World.

On a personal note, I’m most looking forward to Mumford and Sons. They’ll be on tour all summer long!

Check out these links to find out more about popular music events that could be in your area. Get your Osheaga tickets while they’re hot!




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One Response to Module 8: Transforming the Blog – Osheaga 2013

  1. bennetsblog says:

    WOW what a lineup! I too absolutely love concerts and have trying to attend as many festivals as possible. Last year I went to Edgefest and Wakestock which were an incredibly fun time. First of all I want to thank you for bringing this festival to my attention. I always knew of this festival but never really put the effort into looking it up. It’s definitely now on my long list of things to do this summer. I really enjoyed reading all of the articles and twitter feeds attached to your blog. Really entertaining and a great topic. Keep up the good work!

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